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INHIGEO sponsored History of Geology session at the 6th International Palaeontological Congress

From Gondwana to Laurasia, Thailand, 7–11 November 2022

INHIGEO members Kathleen Histon (Ireland), Susan Turner (Australia) and Toshihiro Yamada (Japan) are organizing a history of palaeontology session at the upcoming 6th IPC on behalf of INHIGEO:

Hidden histories revealed in scientific revision of palaeontological collections

Description: Research in palaeontology in relation to scientific revision of palaeontological collections often leads us to work on historical documents and publications in order to reconstruct their stories. Many hours can be spent in museum collections, archives, libraries and online tracing original publications, the development of theories or techniques in palaeontology, disputes and discussion of taxonomic classification, biographies and correspondence between scientists, notes on specimens within collection boxes or museum records regarding their revision, transfer or loss. This documentation forms a fundamental part of a palaeontologist’s research and is often contained within a short paragraph on Previous Studies or under remarks on systematic descriptions within monographs and scientific papers as after all the main objective is to resolve the taxonomic issues and complete the systematic studies. In this IUGS International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences (INHIGEO) sponsored session we would like to provide a space for this research to be presented and highlight the interaction between history and palaeontology. Contributions on the aspects outlined above are welcomed.
Publication of papers from this INHIGEO session is planned as a Special Issue in the peer-reviewed journal Earth Sciences History.


Abstract submission to the congress.  Deadline extended to 15th August 2022

Extended Deadline for registration payment 15th August 2022


For information on the planned special issue see 6th_IPC_INHIGEO_Symposium_3_Special_Issue_Earth_Sciences_History.pdf


For detailed information on the congress please visit




48th INHIGEO Annual Symposium, Kraków (Poland), 31 July – 4 August 2023


Next year’s INHIGEO conference will be held at the headquarters of the Polish Academy of Arts and Science, Kraków.


There will be a 1-day mid-conference fieldtrip and a 5 days pre-conference fieldtrip (26–30 July).


Main topics of the conference will be the


1) history of geological mapping,

2) history of mining and old mines as objects of geological and mining heritage and their contemporary use (tourist, balneological objects, etc.)

3) history of geodiversity conservation and the formation of geoparks

4) origin and development of geological research

5) general contributions and biographies of famous geologists


Registration fees:


500 euros for Conference and mid-conference trip (early bird registration)
250 euro for students and PhD. students

Fee will include: coffee breaks and lunch during the Conference, transportation and lunch during the Mid-Meeting trip, as well as the Conference dinner at the one of the famous Cracow restaurant.

300 euros for preconference trip (early bird registration)

Fee will include: transportation, hotel, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

300 euros for special program for accompanying participants (early bird registration)

Fee will include: Special tours during the Conference, mid- conference Trip and the conference gala dinner.

(!) Registration does not include hotel cost during the Conference.


Deadline for Expression of Interest:  31st December 2022


Abstract submission to the congress:  1st May 2023




For more information please see the 1st Circular: First_Circular_2023.pdf




INHIGEO Annual Conferences for 2024 are scheduled as follows:


2024 – 49th INHIGEO Symposium, South Korea, Busan (in association with the 37th IGC)




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INHIGEO encourages scholars to join HESS and publish their papers in the journal "Earth Sciences History":


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The primary objective of INHIGEO involves promoting studies in the history of geological disciplines . In so doing, the Commission endeavours to stimulate and coordinate the activities of regional, national, and international organizations having shared purposes. The Commission also works to foster the publication of individual and collective works that illuminate the history of the geological sciences .

INHIGEO is an ongoing Commission, which acts within an international context and with an interdisciplinary approach, addressing the varied topics of history of Earth sciences within congresses, symposia, articles, books, collections of documents and digitalisation projects.


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