Please download the final circular and the detailed programs (for attendees and accompanying persons) here:





The 5-day conference will include four days of talks and scientific activities, and one-day excursion in the Vézère Valley (Lascaux IV, Le Grand Roc, Laugerie Haute & Laugerie Basse).

The main scientific themes will be:

  • · History of Quaternary geology, prehistory and geology of caves;
  • · History of Miocene geology, since the region includes the Burdigalian and Aquitanian stratotypes;
  • · Other sessions of the conference will cover all subjects related to the history of geosciences.

The Conference program will be supervised by a Scientific committee, chaired by Philippe Taquet, former president of the INHIGEO and current president of the COFRHIGEO. The material organization (registrations, financial management) will be entrusted to an Organizing committee, chaired by Claudine Cohen and Pascal Richet. It will benefit from several sponsorships and the services of the association Naturalia et Biologia.

The abstract and excursion booklets, written in English, will be published in digital formats, and if possible, in hard copy.


REGISTRATION (before June 21st)

The 5-day Conference and visits: 450 € for participants / 450 € for accompanying persons.
The price includes all visits, one meal a day, inauguration reception and closing dinner on September 21st.
A few inscriptions at reduced price will be possible for students, as well as particular registration to follow the conference sessions by videoconference. Please, contact us if you are interested:

Field trips
field trip: 175 €.
field trip: 540 €.
As field trips are limited to 65 people, registration for these will be deactivated as soon as this number is reached. Early registration is therefore recommended.
The prices include all visits, all meals and accommodation on the basis of shared hotel rooms or apartments, i.e., one night (September 15th to 16th) for the pre-conference field trip and three nights (from September 21st evening to September 24th morning) for the post-conference field trip. To get a single room during the field trips, please add 28 € (pre-conference) and/or 102 € (post-conference).

A program of visits for accompanying persons will be provided every afternoon.

For detailed information see the Third Circular.


LATE REGISTRATION (after June 20th)

Late registrations (after June 20th) the prices will be charged at:
Conference and visits: 540 € for participants / 540 € for accompanying persons;
Pre-conference field trip: 200 €;
Post-conference field trip: 640 €.

“The sites, objects and works of art found in the Vézère valley are extremely rare witnesses of long-lost civilizations. This material, which is infinitely valuable for the knowledge of the most remote periods of human history, is of universal interest, as exceptional from a historical as from an ethnological, anthropological or aesthetic point of view.”
UNESCO World Heritage List